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Is he/she a true dom?

Not so seldom I see posts about what is a true dominant. And from while to while I happen to read that post and almost each time I get slightly disappointed by the narrowness of views that some of the people manifest.

Some of those qualities that the people claim that only the true dominants possess are, in fact, quite often found in the dominants who also possess some amount of experience. But is a true dominant only a really experienced dominant?

My point is next: there is no such things as a true dominant. Some people enjoy one type of things, while others enjoy something else. It’s really only a matter of a preference. Though some of the dominants know how to play safer and how to make more interesting sessions for bigger number of submissives they meet, I think it is right only to call them better in general, but not to grant them the tittle of a ‘true’ dom. My kink isn’t better than yours, nor is yours better than mine.